• Successful learning...

    Here at Geoffrey Field Infant School we believe everyone can learn successfully. To find out more about what it takes just select a tab on the left.

  • Successful learning...

    Hello! Here at Geoffrey Field Infant School we believe everyone can learn successfully. To find out more about what it takes just select a tab on the left.

  • Concentrate

    Manage distractions
    Get lost in the task
    Do one thing at a time
    Break things down
    Plan and think it through
    Draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things that help you think

  • Don't give up

    Work hard
    Practise lots
    Keep going
    Try new strategies
    Ask for help
    Start again
    Take a brain break

  • Be cooperative

    Listen to others
    Say when you don’t understand
    Be kind when you disagree
    Explain things to help others
    Be tolerant

  • Be curious

    Ask questions
    Notice things
    Look for patterns and connections
    Think of possible reasons
    Ask ‘What if…?’

  • Have a go

    Have a growth mindset
    Don’t worry if it goes wrong
    Learn from mistakes
    Be excited to try new things

  • Use your imagination

    Be creative
    Let your imagination go
    Think up new ideas and questions

  • Keep improving

    Keep reviewing your work
    Identify your best bits
    Improve one thing first
    Try to be better than last time
    Don’t compare yourself to others, only yourself
    Take small steps

  • Enjoy learning

    Feel proud of all your achievements
    Feel your neurons connecting!
    Imagine your intelligence growing by the minute!
    Use what you learn in real life
    Know you can do it if you have input and practise

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Geoffrey Field Infant School. It may be that you already have or have had children at the school, in which case you will be familiar with our routines and organisation.  However, if you are a new parent, we hope that you will find this prospectus very helpful.

We are a large infant school, with 10 classes, including a  Nursery class. The school is set in extensive and attractive grounds, giving children plenty of space to learn and play. In fact each year group has its own dedicated outdoor learning area. The school opened in 1949 and was later officially opened by Alderman Geoffrey Field, who had served as Vice-Chairman of the Education Committee.

Our commitment at Geoffrey Field Infant is to ensure that your child:

  • Feels safe whilst at school
  • Enjoys learning
  • Makes excellent progress and learns as well as s/he can

We provide a broad curriculum whilst maintaining a particular focus on reading. This we believe is important both for its own sake in terms of enjoyment and developing imagination but also in accessing all subjects.
The breadth of opportunity is seen in the wide variety of visitors who are invited into school to work with the children, e.g. musicians, actors, artists, the mobile Farm. The children really enjoy these sessions and learn a great deal from them.

We also have our annual Arts Week with professional artists, dancers and musicians working with the children plus Sports Day and Fun Day as well as after school clubs such as football and basketball for both girls and boys.

Our aim is to support children to become confident, independent learners who gain enjoyment from and have pride in their achievements at each stage of their education.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about the school.

S E Farrow